Urban Design Projects
Block 4.02, Poundbury

block 4.02 wide 70x35The Poundbury development on the edge of Dorchester, Dorset, is an on-going project sponsored by HRH Prince of Wales and designed by Leon Krier.

The design on individual buildings and sections is being carried out by a variety of architects, and urban block 4.02 was designed as part of the process.

The block consists of a mix of houses and apartment buildings with a total of approximately thirty units, designed to reflect the local vernacular Dorset style. 

High Malton

High Malton - town squareLed by Leon Krier, this is a design for an urban extension to the west of Malton, North Yorkshire, of five hundred houses forming a new suburb of the town. 

The development is designed along traditional urbanisitic principles, forming communities of streets, squares, and open space; and a village centre creates a focal point for the new settlement.

Malton Livestock Market Redevelopment

View 2 70x35Plan to relocate Malton’s market to just outside the town and redevelop the original site for commercial use.

The impetus is to strengthen the retail offering within the town centre as a countervailing strategy to the current trend of ‘edge-of-town’ retailing that is dependent on ‘cheap’ energy.

At present the town centre has no mid-sized food shop, something that is seen as key to the future of market towns such as Malton.

Peterborough Cathedral Precincts 

Scene 1 70x35A proposed project to introduce a new access road and surrounding residential development in the Peterborough Cathedral Precincts. 

The new road makes a picturesque transition from the city centre towards the famed west-end of the Cathedral, bringing the visitor in from the secular to the sacred world.


Kings Head Yard, Malton

Sketch Render 1 70x35A current project that is part of the redevelopment of Malton’s Livestock Market. The Kings Head is one of Malton’s old inns, and the yard behind is currently dotted with some very poor quality and unwelcoming buildings.

The proposed development consists of removing the poor quality buildings and replacing them with a properly articulated and attractive urban enclosure. 


Thackeray’s Yard, Malton

Thackeray's YardThackeray’s Yard is a disused transport depot set behind existing village properties and only accessed through a narrow lane.

The development is limited to in scope to twenty-one hoses arranged in a picturesque, village-like pattern familiar to North Yorkshire. This includes roads with green verges, framed views to the open countryside beyond, and material patterns of stone and pantile.


Wentworth Woodhouse Gates, Wentworth

Gate view1The design of new gate piers at Wentworth Woodhouse is in the ‘artisan Mannerist’ baroque style of the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Its main idea is that of a squared central element (the metal gates) flanked and supported by lower arched elements and oversized scrolls.

The rusticated piers are attenuated ionic pedestals that rely on the other elements both for visual support and cohesion. 


Suburban Retrofit Model, Australia

Suburban RetrofitDesigned and constructed to be unveiled by HRH Prince of Wales on a visit to Australia. 

The model presented a vision of a more environmentally friendly, healthier, and less car dependent urban design, which would also enhance a sense of community amongst its residents and update historical forms to reflect contemporary living. 


Lincolns Inn Fields, London

col perspective 70x35A measured drawing commissioned to be included in a book on a history of Lincolns Inn in London.

It was drawn as a three-dimensional model and certain views were chosen for hand-drawn rendering. The view shows the whole of Lincolns Inn without the screen of existing trees and buildings to show its layout and configuration.